This t-g (transgender) Ashley-bio-pic-02cinephile began watching sicko films in the mid 80s, when video stores were everywhere. Video stores? *sniff* Ashley’s life is oft times more of a horror story than the Nasties, proving art imitates art. A former editor for The City Collegian, where she learned the joys of journalism, Ashley has developed a full-on writing habit, and appears to soon be having an ink catheter installed in her left arm (she be a southpaw, y’know). She loves movies of all types, but particularly: sci-fi/space fantasy, horror, martial arts, action, sex, New York movies, comedy (of a sort), documentaries, samurai films, dramas, political thrillers, and good old fashioned sword and sorcery epics. Anime applies to many of those areas, so FYI. All this merely contributes to this van driver for a Microsoft catering partner having a life beyond the steering wheel, an addiction for the printed word which flows from her trans fingers. I’m sure Wordsworth would approve.

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