Brad-bio-pic-02Brad is a resident of the one and only state named after an American president. A graduate of The Evergreen State College, he has a degree in Ecology. He sometimes can be found wandering around utterly stunned by the weirdness and wonder of life on some rocky and watery sphere in the galactic boonies. Brad attempts to be a photographer, and is often out in nature shooting things. In a non-fatal way. He is an amateur naturalist. In addition to liking movies, he reads extensively, and is a fan of science fiction, horror, mysteries, and fantasy.  Brad was drawn into the horror movie genre by the movie Alien. At least it was one of the best movies ever that infected him. He prefers the movies that are sci-fi horror hybrids, but will watch just about anything. He is not picky.  Another favorite are the movies where animals are snacking on humans. These tend to be cheesy, but sometimes are good. Jaws, Ghost in the Darkness, Grizzly, Primeval, Mimic, are good examples of the better ones. Also well liked are ones with creatures from various mythologies and folklore.  American Werewolf in London is a favorite from this type.  Mystery horror is also well liked, as are the classics. Brad likes history, and wishes there were more horror movies set in historic settings.



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