Ian-bio-pic-01More Anglophile than Horror fan, and after spending nearly half of his 49 years on the surface of this pretentiously populated planet, Ian spent a week binge watching George Romero’s 1978 classic; Dawn Of The Dead. Largely brought about by getting tired of the grief he was receiving for not being able to watch horror films without hiding his eyes or fleeing the room. – additionally, to avoid sleepless nights not being able to sleep because of that one, gloomy, dark shadow in the corner of the room. Or the thought of just what might be lurking under the bed. The week of binge watching was a success! From cringing at every scene of ghastly horror, Ian now laughs at these scenes while others try to crawl under the couch. Currently a life long resident of Seattle, WA. Married since June of 1990, no children. – which might be due to Children Of The Corn….


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