Everyone who has seen an Italian horror film has viewed, or at least heard of his work from the “golde age” of Italian horror films. Born July, 31st, 1914 in Sanremo, Liguria, Italy. He first began working as an assistant to other Italian cinematographers like Massimo Terzano. Mario became a film maker in his own right in 1939, shooting two short films with Roberto Rossellini. His feature film debut was in the early 1940s. As the years passed, his camerawork contributed in development of screen personas of the period such as Aldo Fabrizi, Gina Lollobrigida, and Steve Reeves.

Mario’s work fired off the start of the “giallo” film genre. A significant establishment of the now modern “slasher film”. Upon his death on April 27th, 1980 in Rome, Lazio, Italy. Mario had become one of the best as a Italian director, screenwriter, special effects artist, and cinematographer of Italian horror films.




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