293192Gender In The Modern Horror Film

By Carol J Clover

(From the back cover)

Do the pleasures of horror movies really begin and end with sadism? So the public discussion of films assumes, and so film theory claims. Carol Clover argues, however, that these films work mainly to engage the viewer in the plight of the victim-hero -the figure, often female, who suffers pain and fright but frequently eventually rises to vanquish the forces of oppression.

This book covers with analytical focus, the roles of victim and killer, heroes and villains, in both elements of being male or female. From city dwellers, to backwoods psychos, backpackers, tourists, and other travelers who find themselves stalked, trapped and otherwise tormented by the various chainsaw, machete, axe, and kitchen knife wielding killers. Carol Clover delves into the stories, the writers, and the movies. Giving a very well written account of the good and bad of gender in modern horror films.

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