This menu of pages is here to help you find the Video Nasties, or other movies we are likely to talk about for purchase online through the Distributors Menu (please, we encourage you buy or at least rent the movies you like, piracy is a no-no),  or you can delve into the Makers Menu and go into more depth for some of the movie industries more prolific movie makers. The first pages we write will be our starting with the folks who made the films which were found objectionable by Mary Whitehouse and her like minded friends in the British Parliament.

The menus will include the screen writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, and composers who contributed to some of, but not all of the Video Nasties. These will also include other non-Video Nasty films of worthy note.

Now to stop and go back to my having said “not all”.

Some of the films that gained fame for being a Video Nasty are only known of because they were labeled as Video Nasties. Without being singled out by the censorship mayhem of the National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association, many of the films on the Video Nasty list would have never become the cult favorites they are today. And this unfortunately also includes some movies that are complete junk and total crap. If you are a purist, and want to see any or all horror films that you can see? By all means watch them. But don’t claim you weren’t warned if you proceed to watch these lousy films after reading this.

As time goes by, these pages will grow with information, and links for you to be able to learn more about these talented people. – the people who made the tasteless wastes of celluloid will get mention as well. Just don’t expect a lot.

– Ian Crowfeather (Crazed Webmaster)

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