logo_smallSome of the movies that we have reviewed are not available for purchase due to being either scarce or out of print. Thankfully a local business here in Seattle, Washington Scarecrow Video, has had copies of the movies for us to rent. In showing regard for this fantastic business, we have provided this plug and link to their store!

(Shamefully nicked from their website)
From its passionate founder George Latsios and former owners Carl Tostevin & Mickey McDonough to its new status as a non-profit archive, Scarecrow has existed with one vision: to bring people and film together. It began with a few hundred tapes in the back of a record store, and for more than 28 years its devoted caretakers have gradually accumulated the largest independently owned video and physical media library in the country, currently boasting over 130,000 titles. We have also been a hub in the local film scene, providing a knowledgeable and passionate staff to offer all who visit Scarecrow a unique experience. This passion for film has rippled out into the greater Puget Sound community as Scarecrow devotedly supports local film organizations, promotes film screenings, and brings filmmakers from all walks of life into town.

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