On this week’s episode of the Video Nasty Project, Ashley, Brad and Tony take a look at The Burning, one of the earliest (and best) slasher flicks. A summer camp groundskeeper is horribly burned from a prank gone wrong and then proceeds to murder a whole bunch of teenagers in revenge.

We’ve got an all star cast, Tom Savini doing the gore and a script from the Weinsteins. It can’t possibly fail!

One mentionable note, The Burning is frequently blamed as having ripped off Friday The 13th. This story was in fact written by Harvey Weinstein before he who wrote Friday The 13th, and its filming wrapped before Friday The 13th filming started. So if one film is to be blamed for copying the other? Friday The 13th would be the one doing the copying. But as both were created by Harvey Weinstein? It’s kind of pointless to blame one for copying the other.

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