Tony-bio-pic-01How did I get into Horror? I have my mom to blame. Not that she forbade me from watching Halloween II or made me turn off Friday the 13th or anything, but more that she enabled me. Every weekend as I was growing up, she would take me to the local drive in. There I was subjected to all kinds of strange and bizarre movies: The Keep, Death Ship, Joysticks, The Apple, Zombie Flesh Eaters, The Nude Bomb, Phantasm – anything and everything was up for grabs, R Rated or not. Actually my corruption began much earlier. The very first movie I clearly remember seeing was Jaws in 1975. The movie was mind-blowing to my 6 year old mind – but what made it truly memorable was the venue. I saw the movie at the Admiral Theater in West Seattle, which being two or three miles from the beach, was a nautical themed movie house. Fishing nets and glass floats hanging from the ceiling, the concession stand was the shape of a pirate ship, there were portholes in the doors and that sort of thing. So here I am after the movie, fresh from seeing Quint being chewed to death. . . in a ship themed theater. I was going to the bathroom, freaking the fuck out that a shark was going to swim up the toilet and bite my pee-pee off. It was traumatizing and amazing all at the same time. And I haven’t stopped loving horror flicks since.

Thanks, mom.

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