51z6fD3UB8L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_The true story of court cases, cock ups & collateral Damage.

This book is by Harry Pearce.

(from the rear cover)

In the early 1980’s a new phenomen0m was born. Video recorders were the must have item of the decade and video clubs were expanding at an incredible rate all over the country. This enabled the public to rent a wide rang of video films and see them in the comfort of their own homes. Along with thousands of films that were released were the odd ‘splattering’ (and I use that word advisedly) of horror films. The media became obsessed with with a few of them that were particularly graphic, and the phrase ‘Video nasty’ came into being.

This book is a first person account of the outlandish persecution and vilification of film makers and the distribution companies. Pearce goes into detail of the behavior of the British police, politicians, and individuals such as Mary Whitehouse. Along with some of the court proceedings, his anecdotal stories give us an insight of just how myopically stupid people can really be.  This neat read gives a short but clear account of the needless charade that ultimately failed at controlling what people could see in their homes. It in fact did the complete opposite. Because here, 33 years later these films are cult classics, widely known and sought after, and are now seeing a resurgence in Blu-ray release.

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